Terms and Conditions



In keeping with the program’s ideology and to ensure that everyone’s safety and welfare are always paramount, certain rules and regulations that have been adopted must be abided. Violations of these rules are grounds for removal from the program, including the loss of a subsidiary’s charter. The following actions are specifically prohibited:


1. Participation in all programs and events by a child without his or her parent, legal guardian, or other designated adult as registered on the membership application.

2. Failure to promptly pay all dues.

3. The possession and or consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs on or off the event or camp premises, while the event or camp is being attended.

4. Falsification or misrepresentation of any information on a membership application or disclosure policy.

s. Use or possession of weapons or firearms, except when it is used:

a. Consistent with all local, state and federal laws; AND,

b. As part of a program event sponsored by appropriate organization with adequate insurance coverage; OR

c. Is necessary for the safety and protection of the organimtion due to the location of the program or event.

6. Allowing judicially declared pedophiles in any program that would permit contact with a child.

7. Allowing the dissemination of any material that is sexually explicit or pornographic in nature.

8. Intentional and improper defection of Native American organizations, religious organizations, or other people’s racial or cultural values.

9. Allowing or condoning any other activity that would be inconsistent with the spirit of the program.


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Current CVNSND and Pathfinder members are invited to send in their pictures from recent events. A short explanation of the event the photos are from should accompany the email. CVNSND uses photos submitted by members for display on this website. While names or other personal information about the individuals pictured are not displayed, the organization is sensitive to those members who object to having their photo on display and will remove any image on request. If any member wishes for his or his child’s photo to be removed from the website, email memberservices@cvnsnd.org.