Tentative Tribe Meeting Events for the 2016 – 2017 Season

The Comanche Tribe is planning on the following events over the next 12 months. The names of the organizer for each event is included for reference. These events will also include the Savannah tribe. Other tribes may be invited, depending on the event and organizer.

If a spot is blank and you want to volunteer to be the organizer, please email Adam at afbram@gmail.com.  I can add you. If you have other ideas for events, let me know. This can be changed. ☺


2016-2017 Tentative Tribe Meeting Events


October 232016Dan Hegler (Comanche)Pumpkin Blast
November2016Chris Williams (Comanche)Laser Tag
December2016Adam Bram (Comanche)The Kiln
January2017Sledding or Bowling if no snow
February2017Great Lakes Science Center
March2017Jeremy Daum (Comanche)Indoor Putt Putt in Medina
April2017Foot Golf (Shawnee in Bedford)
May2017Matt Bolek (Comanche)Canoe Livery
June2017Kurt Gerber (Comanche)Water Balloon Wars
July2017Mike Winchel (Savannah)Pool Party
August2017 Jack Weber (Savannah)Rubberducks Baseball Game
September2017Hike at the Ledges (Guided with Park Ranger)
October2017Pumpkin Blast or Jack o’ Lantern Making