Setting Up Your Members Profile

We need all members of CVNSND to add their profile on the new members section of the website. Some of the Chiefs and Officers have already done this, but now it is time to add everyone. The members feature of the website will allow people to see who is in their tribe, recognize their children better, and eventually lead to a communications tool. If you have any issues, please let me know.

Please watch these videos to learn about each step:

Video 1: How to access the members section
Video 2: How to create your member profile
Video 3: How to upload photos to your members profile

Your temporary password is (temp1234). This will just get you in the first time.

FAQs About the Members Section

Why do we have a members section?
One of the issues we have is that it takes time for members to get to know other members. The members section of the site is intended to speed up that process, so members can get to know other members faster.

Do I have to complete my profile?
We do need all members to complete a profile in the members section. The plan is for the members section to evolve into a means of communicating with other members in the future. Also, it will help other dads recognize you and learn a little about you. Essentially, it’s an ice breaker so we can all get to know each other better.

Will my profile become public?
No. You must be a CVNSND member to access the members section. You will not be able to access the members section without logging in.

What are the next steps for the members section of the website
We want to continue to build out the members section. The ideas we currently have for it are as follows:

Members could send messages to their tribe, to multiple tribes, or specific members via the members section of the site.

This could make it one of the primary ways that members get information about tribe events in the future.

Event Planning:
Also, this could be a place where tribe meetings could be created with an RSVP feature built in. For example, members could create a tribe meeting by typing a description, a date, uploading photos, and inviting applicable tribes.
Members who are eligible to attend could RSVP right on the site.

Photo and Video Sharing:
Sharing photos and videos could also be accomplished via the website. We could have a link that allows members to upload their photos and videos so they can be used to promote the Cuyahoga Valley Native Sons and Daughters organization.

If you have other ideas for the members section, please let me know. Once officers and chiefs create their profile I will send this email to the remaining members of CVNSND.