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Creating Memories Together

Imagine you and your child join Native Sons & Daughters — an organization focused on pure fun for dads and kids. No uniforms. No merit badges. No strict schedules. Memories are the only reward. You attend the first few events, unsure of what to expect. You soon come to realize that that the frequent child-focused get-togethers are not only strengthening your relationship with your own child, but you are getting to know your neighbors, too. You are getting to know the children that your child goes to school with. This brings back ideas of the “good old days” when people became real friends, before the days of social media.

Now imagine yourselves 20 years from today. Your child is an adult, and the two of you are reflecting on old times. You both remember campouts, hikes and play dates with other families from Native Sons & Daughters. You talk about the people you met and what they are doing now. Without saying it, you both know those were good times, and your child enjoyed a happy childhood.

Now you are beginning to imagine the huge impact that Native Sons & Daughters can have on the lives of your family.


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Every family who sends us their information will have their child entered into a drawing for an E-Scooter! We will select a winner by Aug 20th, 2024.

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