FAQS: What is a Chief?

CVNSND is the Brecksville and Broadview Heights group of the National Native Sons and Daughters Organization. Because of the Native American Theme, titles such as chief and groups such as tribe are used.

There are two kinds of chiefs: A tribe chief and an officer.

Tribe Chiefs

A Tribe chief is a dad who is considered to be the head of the tribe. He will be in charge of communicating information from the longhouse and helping to manage the tribe’s activities.


Officers are members who volunteer at the longhouse level. Many functions must happen within the organization for it to work properly. Planning events, accounting for the finances, coordinating campouts, storing property, selling t-shirts, maintaining the website, managing social media, and creating videos are just a few of the many roles within CVNSND. Each of these roles has a chief (or officer) who is tasked with managing that role. For example, the T-Shirt Chief orders and sells t-shirts. The Property Chief stores and tracks CVNSND property.

Anyone can volunteer to become a chief or officer. We could certainly use the help!

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