FAQS: What is a campout?

Campouts are very special weekend events which enable a father and his child(ren) to spend some very good quality time to escape from everyday life and to unplug from the rigors of daily life to create some fantastic memories together which will last a lifetime.

The three main longhouse campouts (Spring, Fall & Winter) begin on a Friday evening and end on a Sunday at noon or 1:00 PM. Everyone is assigned to a cabin with ample bunk bed space for all to have a place to sleep. In addition, all meals are provided by the camp staff and are consumed in the camp mess hall. Typically tribes, which are age and gender specific, are assigned to a specific cabin so the camaraderie of the smaller group is strengthened throughout the years of participating in the campouts together. Dads and their kids sleep in the cabins with their fellow tribe members, so earplugs are always nice to have. Each of the campouts has numerous activities available to all of the campers and they are staffed by camp employees for safety and efficiency. Typically there are more events available during the campout for everyone to participate in than there is time to successfully complete all of them. Dads and kids can choose from the following partial list: archery, BB guns, horseback rides, canoes, fishing, candle-making, crafts, Tye-Dye T-shirts, etc. Since food and lodging are provided, the campouts do require registration and successful payment prior to the event in order to cover the costs associated. The cost of each campout is communicated in advance of the event and registration is completed on-line.

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