FAQS: What if I have more than one child?

Most of the parents in CVNSND have more than one child. Many new dads wonder how it will work out with having their children in different tribes. A tribe is a group of kids who are all in the same grade level and the same gender. Unless you happen to have twins, most likely your kids would be in different tribes. But it actually works out very well. Kids in a tribe really get to know peers very well. Kids enjoy having other kids who are close to their own age to play with.

Tribe meetings may be a slightly more difficult when kids are in different tribes. However, you don’t need to attend every tribe meeting. It’s best if you can, but with difficult work schedules and other family issues, participating in every meeting is virtually impossible. Additionally, some tribe meetings include multiple tribes, which could make it even easier.

The reality is that CVNSND offers so many events and activities that having kids in different tribes is merely a minor issue. Most dads in CVNSND wouldn’t consider it an issue at all.

One dad in CVNSND had seven kids. CVNSND was the least of his problems! If anything, it was therapeutic.

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