FAQS: What are Pathfinders and what do they do?

CVNSND is a fantastic organization for kids of all ages! The Pathfinders group is set up for dads to create memories together with the children who are in grades five (5) through eight (8). Pathfinders is where kids go after their tribe has graduated.

To understand the process, consider that a tribe will begin for a group of kids who are in kindergarten. That tribe will exist for several years. Other kids of that age and gender may join the tribe in the years that follow, until the kids enter fifth grade. Then the tribe will no longer exist and the kids who were in that tribe become Pathfinders.

Pathfinders are made up of children who would like to stay involved in the activities of creating memories together with their fathers after graduating from their tribe after completion of the fourth grade. They are no longer affiliated with an age or gender specific tribe as they are now in grades five through eight.  Pathfinder-only events are sprinkled in throughout the program year in addition to the many longhouse events, which are planned in advance.  Typically Pathfinders are able to participate in the three main longhouse campouts (Spring, Fall and Winter) each year, but they are initially open to all tribe members first and then if space is available, Pathfinders are invited as well.

Pathfinders participate in events just like they did when they were in a tribe. However, many of their events are tailored to their older ages.

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