FAQ: What are Officers

CVNSND is run by normal members, just like you. The members who have an official role in the organization are called “Officers”. Okay, the Officers have funny names like:

  • Tribe Chiefs
  • Longhouse Chief
  • Medicine Man
  • Wampum Bearer
  • Information Chiefs

This is simply in keeping with the Native American theme that the organization was founded on in 1926. Click here to see complete list of all of the current officer positions.

Nothing is written in stone. Chief positions can be created as need arises. For example, before we rebuilt the website, the entire management of the site fell onto one “Information Chief”. In the early 2000’s this may have been sufficient, but managing an online presence is a big undertaking today. For that reason, we broke the Information Chief position into several other chiefs that all help with various parts of maintaining a web presence.

Your involvement

We really need everyone to be involved. Being involved is not a huge time commitment. Yes. There is some time involved, but it isn’t daunting. It’s flexible to the needs of your life. Most of all, it’s very rewarding to volunteer and help your own community through such a wonderful program. You can volunteer a little time or a lot. We request that anyone interesting in helping a little, attend the monthly Officer Meetings held at the London Pickle Works on the first Wednesday of each month at 9:00pm. You’ll learn about simple ways you can help.


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