FAQS: Is CVNSND similar to Cub Scouts?

CVNSND sometimes gets compared to Cub Scouts. However, there are very big differences. The similarities are that both Cub Scouts and CVNSND are for helping kids and families participate in activities that involve nature and outdoor activities.

CVNSND is big. We have hundreds of families in a very small location. This means you are likely to get to know your neighbors and kids who attend your schools.

CVNSND is a flexible program. You don’t feel left behind if you cannot attend something. There are no merit badges. You can a patch for attending events, but it isn’t a scorekeeping badge. It’s just for fun, like everything in CVNSND.

For some, Cub Scouts is a great fit. It’s a great organization with a lot of history. The Sons & Daughters program has also survived for almost 100 years, and it’s appeal has always been the same. Families making memories together.


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