FAQS: How much does it cost to join CVNSND?

There is an annual fee to be a member, and there also may be fees for certain events or activities. Because CVNSND is non-profit, all revenue goes right back into the program to help drive more fun events.

Annual dues may change year-to-year, but you can expect the fee to be in the neighborhood of $75.00 per child. The annual fee allows you to attend tribe meetings and covers insurance.

Some events involve a nominal fee for participation to cover the costs associated with an event. Tribe meetings might require $5 be contributed to cover the food and drink expenses involved. Longhouse Events might have a fee depending on the costs associated with the event.

Campouts tend to be the most expensive event because of the costs of renting a campground with cabins and providing food and supplies for the weekend. Still, everything is very reasonable since CVNSND isn’t attempting to profit from the activities.

Everything is communicated via the website well in advance of the events, so there are no surprises.

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