FAQS: How many campouts are there?

The Cuyahoga Valley Native Sons and Daughters organizes four campouts each year. The campouts are:

  • The Spring Campout
  • The Summer Campout
  • The Fall Campout
  • The Winter Campout

Of these campouts, the Spring, Fall and Winter are the biggest. The Summer Campout is smaller and less formal, simply because many families are on vacation during the summer. For this reason, the Summer Campout is usually a family event, meaning it is open to moms and siblings — not just dads and kids of CVNSND.

The schedule for the various campouts is roughly the same each  year. However, it can vary a bit depending on unforeseen situations, such as the conflict of other holidays or events. Typically though, the Spring Campout is in early June, the Summer Campout is in July, the Fall Campout is in October, and the Winter Campout is in January.



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