FAQ: What are the different types of activities?

Tribe Meetings

Every kid belongs to a “tribe”. Because CVNSND is a Native American themed organization, each tribe has a chief. A chief is one of the dads who helps coordinate and communicate meetings and other events.

A tribe meeting is simply a get-together that occurs about once per month for members of the tribe. It could be anything, really. Some meetings have been at people’s houses. Some have been hikes. Some have visited places like the Independence Fire Station.

A tribe meeting is simply a way for kids — and their dads — to connect and do something fun together.


In addition to tribe meetings, the CVNSND program has many events throughout the year. These might involve all tribes (eg. Ice Skating), or they could be gender specific (eg. The Father/Daughter Dance).

Many events are open to the whole family, not just dads.


Campouts are a blast! There’s no other way to put it.

CVNSND has three to four campouts per year. These are the:

  • Spring Campout
  • Summer Campout
  • Fall Campout
  • Winter Campout
The campouts are generally from a Friday to a Sunday. Tons of activities happen during the campouts, and the kids always have a great time!

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